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  • Barons rally falls short
    Birmingham Barons  MONTGOMERY, AL -- The Birmingham Barons saw their tying run thrown out at home as the Montgomery Biscuits held on late for a 1-0 victory at Riverwalk Stadium. Hunter Jones started the ninth inning with a double as...
    - 2 days ago 26 Aug 16, 3:28am -
  • Barons burnt by Biscuits late runs
    Birmingham Barons  MONTGOMERY, AL -- The Birmingham Barons battled back from an early deficit before a trio of late runs by the Montgomery Biscuits sent the Barons toward their 10th straight loss. Spencer Adams spun six solid innings despite tak…
    - 3 days ago 25 Aug 16, 4:03am -
  • Untitled
    Birmingham Barons  MONTGOMERY, AL -- The Barons received another strong start in a loss as the Montgomery Biscuits blanked Birmingham by a 4-0 final score. Barons' starter Blair Walters dished six shutout frames before conceding a pair of runs i…
    - 4 days ago 24 Aug 16, 3:53am -
  • Barons bested in Extra Innings
    Birmingham Barons  BIRMINGHAM, AL -- The Birmingham Barons broke out to an early lead but suffered a 4-3 extra inning loss to the Jackson Generals in the series finale this afternoon at Regions Field. Thaddius Lowry spun seven innings in...
    - 6 days ago 22 Aug 16, 1:04am -
  • Barons blanked Saturday night
    Birmingham Barons  BIRMINGHAM, AL -- The Birmingham Barons could not bounce back from an early deficit, dropping their fourth straight game to the Jackson Generals by a 9-0 final score tonight at Regions Field. Starter James Dykstra allowed four…
    - 7 days ago 21 Aug 16, 4:51am -
  • Barons topped by third inning runs
    Birmingham Barons  BIRMINGHAM, AL -- Spencer Adams and Matt Cooper combined for eight scoreless innings, but the Jackson Generals posted five runs in the third inning to beat the Barons by a 5-1 final score at Regions Field. Adams, the...
    - 8 days ago 20 Aug 16, 3:49am -
  • Barons surrender to Generals 8-1
    Birmingham Barons  BIRMINGHAM, AL -- The Birmingham Barons tallied eight hits but suffered an 8-1 loss to the Jackson Generals Thursday evening at Regions Field. Southpaw Blair Walters spun 3.1 innings in the loss, allowing seven runs on seven h…
    - 9 days ago 19 Aug 16, 4:26am -
  • Birmingham bested by Jackson in series opener
    Birmingham Barons  BIRMINGHAM, AL -- The Birmingham Barons could not overcome the top team in the Southern League, dropping the series opener Wednesday evening by a 6-1 final score. The Barons recorded just three hits and three total bases. Joey…
    - 10 days ago 18 Aug 16, 4:09am -
  • Alvarez Posts Five Hit Night in 5-2 Loss
    Birmingham Barons  BIRMINGHAM, AL -- Eddy Alvarez broke out for a five-hit performance but the Birmingham Barons fell to the Chattanooga Lookouts by a 5-2 final score Monday evening at Regions Field. Alvarez, 26, became the first Baron since Tim…
    - 12 days ago 16 Aug 16, 5:30am -
  • Barons fall short in 8-3 defeat
    Birmingham Barons  BIRMINGHAM, AL -- The Birmingham Barons scored a pair of late runs but dropped the penultimate game of the series to the Chattanooga Lookouts Sunday afternoon at Regions Field. James Dykstra took the loss after tossing 6.1 inn…
    - 13 days ago 15 Aug 16, 12:33am -

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What is the Associated Press? South Alabama News

The associated press is a news agency that was founded and is still headquartered in New York city. The agency was founded in 1846. That was the same year that 5 new york newspapers got together and funded a pony express route to get news from the Mexican war to the northern states. This Pony express route they funded was from Alabama to New York.In all the years that the Associated press has been around 30 journalists have lost there lives to the cause. Mark Kellogg famously said that he had to follow Custer and will be at the death. This unfortunately turned out to be true for him and for Mr. Kellogg who both died on Last Stand Hill.
At the time that the Associated Press was founded words were the only way of getting news around towns and cities in the United States. Whenever a new technology was invented that could help spread the news faster the press agency was one of the first to adopt the new technology and make it there own. In those days everything that could be used to transport the newspapers was used. This ranged from Pigeons to Steamboats and the relatively new transportation mode called the the railroads.

The Associated Press was also the first company in the history of the United States to be working on a national scale. News from Los Angeles was now able to be read by people that live in New York.

In 1935 marked a big change in the history of the Associated Press. This was the year that pictures were send by wire to other associated press locations. The improvement in telephone lines allowed for pictures to be send with the article that the journalists had written. This meant for the first time that real pictures were added to the newspapers instead of an artist making a cartoon to go with the article.

In all the forming years of the AP or associated Press there location around the world grew exponentially. The first time that news arrived from abroad was a very joyous occasion, that the people who read newspapers were eager to read and learn about. Up to that point not a lot of news came from abroad and if it did come in it was already very old news, in some cases the news was months old.

The 1960's saw a big change in broadcasting with the development of the television sets. Although still in it infancy this was going to be the future for news broadcasting. People could now see with there own eyes what was happening in the world. AP did wait with adding a international video addition til 1994. However what they do in 1973 is started to make their own radio broadcasts again making news broadcasting faster and faster.

With the invention of the internet in the 1990's the Associated Press was one of the first companies to embrace, the new technology, as they did with every other new technology that came on the market. Placing the news articles instantly online for everybody that had internet access. This worked particularly well in War zones. AP has been known to be the first one in and the last one out. So that the readers of AP had the full picture.

In 2003 AP moved to a new headquarters, on the west side of Manhattan, from there long time offices at Rockefeller center. In the new HQ they consolidated all other offices that it had in New York to one big office and have all the departments under one roof.

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Residential Home, Pressure Washing in Birmingham, AL

When it comes to residential property management and beautification, most people are extremely adept and routine with interior cleaning. This enhances personal living spaces and creates a welcoming environment for guests and family. Unfortunately, the exterior surface of most residential structures are largely ignored. Perhaps it is the size of the job which keeps homeowners from considering routine exterior cleaning. It could also be the assumption that rain and weather will naturally keep a home looking its best. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Causes Behind Dirty Home Exteriors in Birmingham, AL

Not unlike any other home in the United States, Birmingham homes have a propensity to collect grime and other substances like mold, mildew and corrosion. Oxidation can dull tile and plank siding. Dust can cake on home walls during the hot and humid months. Even though Birmingham is removed from the Gulf waters, its weather still infuses salty air into every home's exterior.

Hand scrub your home's exterior surfaces until your muscles ache, but it still won't renew the surfaces like a professional pressure washing treatment.

Why People Overlook the Benefits of Pressure Washing

Most people believe the surfaces of their homes are too delicate to endure a professional cleaning. Combined with the need to personally take of property features; it is very common for homeowners to shrug the benefits of a quick and thorough pressure wash.

The truth is, home exteriors are breeding grounds for harsh molds and fungus. Oxidation will dull the appearance of manufactured siding and wall panels. Dirt, dust, metals, and chemical exposure cannot always be removed by hand, or with a standard hose sprayer and soap. In order to fully renew and expose the luster of any residential home exterior, high-powered and precise pressure washing is necessary.

What To Expect With A Pressure Wash

A professional pressure washing service in Birmingham, AL will evaluate the composition and components of each home. Whether it is metal, fiberglass, hardy-plank, or wooden siding; a unique pressure wash will be prescribed.

From roof to French drains, a careful and complete pressure wash will remove all corrosive and dulling coats, films and chemicals from the exterior of your home. The experienced professionals that make our company stand-out from the rest is a particular attention paid to detail. We understand that your home is your greatest investment and it needs to look its best year round.

Pressure washing treatments not only remove harmful substances from the exterior of your home, but it also enhances its overall appearance. Pressure washing saves time, money and exertion and produces great results. Your pressure washing in Birmingham, AL, your home can look like new each year with a professional custom pressure washing treatment!

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